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  • What type of event do you usually play for?
    Generally, this type of service is suitable for events where elegance & sobriety are the watchwords. Inaugurations, Galas, Cocktails, Wedding Cocktails etc…
  • How long do you need for the installation?
    It takes about 10-15 minutes minimum. It all depends on the given space, the sound system used for your event & also the configuration you have opted for.
  • How much space do you need for your performance?
    In theory, all spaces are good for performing. We just have to make sure that we have enough space to play (2m square minimum for a solo). Then you just have to adjust the sound properly with equipment adapted to the space, the number of guests & also the number of musicians you want for your event.
  • Is it possible to choose which songs will be played?
    We mainly offer pieces known to everyone and we can always, at your request, let you know which repertoire we think is the most suitable. For special requests, you will need to notify 1 week in advance so that we can add your request to the directory.
  • What do your clients like most about your services?
    The quality of the performance in general due to the authenticity and originality of the interpretation, the appropriate sound volume, the high-end atmosphere created by the choice of songs, the clothing look also has all its importance. A successful performance for us is an impeccable soundscape, a warm and sophisticated visual, happy and smiling guests.
  • Would it be possible to meet you before my event?
    Yes, whenever possible. If we are unable to meet, we will make sure to be in tune with your expectations to optimize the service as much as possible.
  • What are your references?
    We play for a lot of different places and events, you have access to some comments in the "reviews" section. These are generally large groups of hotel complexes, high-end restaurants, weddings, corporate parties, seminars, inaugurations, galas...
  • What is the most prestigious concert you have done?
    Performing for a major fashion magazine at the Eiffel Tower was probably the biggest "kiffe" so far. But also in the Maldives, playing in front of the sunset over the Indian Ocean... or in Norway, or Spain, Italy too, Morocco! In short, it's always a pleasure when the setting is there & the music is conducive and good!
  • How long should I contact you in advance?
    If your event takes place in the Paris region, a minimum of 24 hours before the event is easily possible. Assuming we are available on your date for your event.
  • Is all the equipment (sound & lighting) included in your quote?
    The basic quote is offered with a sound system that can cover an event for up to 20 people. We take care of bringing the instruments and some of the equipment as far as possible.When it comes to a solo, I also take care of bringing a microphone stand, microphone, guitar & wiring to connect all this to my sound system / yours, or to the one you have chosen depending on the scale of your event. For a larger event, you will need to consider rental or other solutions, at your expense. Ditto for lighting. In general, these are the first questions that we address together to find the least expensive solutions depending on the location of your event & also the number of guests.
  • Do you charge travel expenses?
    Being based in the Paris region (La Celle Saint Cloud 78170)Travel costs may be free depending on the location. (Paris area & Paris) Otherwise, travel, accommodation & other costs are to be taken into account. We can send you invoices and proof of purchase at your request.
Eric Maseko Photographe: Simon Ickx
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